A Sitting with Shaykh Rabī’ bin Hādī Al-Madkhalī and Shaykh Muhammad bin Sālih Al-‘Uthaymīn

The Obligation of Separating the People of Truth from the People of Falsehood & Warning from the People of Falsehood

Shaykh Rabī’ Bin Hādī Al-Madkhalī: “…Many of the Salafī youth have become lost because we have not carried the banner of Shaykh Al-Islām ibn Taymiyyah for them and said: this is the truth and this is the falsehood. Therefore, it is obligatory upon us to compensate for that which has passed and to clarify the truth to our youth.

Many (so-called) Salafī callers now say to the youth, “Upon you is ‘adh-Dhilāl’ (the “tafsīr” of Sayyid Qutb),” as if it was written in Paradise… (They say) “Upon you is Al-Ma’ālim fī At-Tarīq (by Sayyid Qutb),” while this (book) calls to the ideology of the Khawārij and to the takfīr of the whole Ummah. Al-Ma’ālim fī At-Tarīq and adh-Dhilāl call to the takfīr of the whole Ummah and say that the masājid (of the Muslims) are temples of Jāhiliyyah! On top of that, the books of this man contain the opinions of the Jahmiyyah, the Mu’tazilah, the Khawārij, the Rawāfid and everything. So how can we praise this man (Sayyid Qutb) for them and say that he is an “Imām” and a “Mujaddid” (reviver)? Then of course the people will go to the books of this “Mujaddid” and they will abandon the Salafī Manhaj (methodology).

Therefore, it is necessary to clarify, O Ummah of Muslims! It is necessary to differentiate between the truth and the falsehood! And Allāh has called this Qur’ān a “Furqān” (criterion & distinction between truth & falsehood) because it separates and differentiates between the truth and the falsehood. And Muhammad ﷺ separated and distinguished between the people. Therefore, it is obligatory upon his inheritors to separate and distinguish between the people and to separate and distinguish between the people of truth and the people of falsehood.

This is why our youth have become lost! This one has become Tablighī, this one Ikhwānī, and at the same time he abandons the Salafī Manhaj and he becomes one of its opponents. Why? Because we have not clarified to the Salafī youth to bite with their molar teeth upon that which they are upon and that this is the truth (i.e. Salafiyyah), and to be warned against that which these (deviant) groups have (of misguidance).

This is the truth, which we have to say. And we ask Allāh — Blessed & Exalted be He — to give us all success in openly speaking the truth, in differentiating between it & falsehood, in differentiating between the people of truth & the people of falsehood, and between the Sunnis (Salafīs) & the innovators. Otherwise, the youth will stay in a state of confusion, become lost and follow everyone. We ask Allāh for success.”

Shaykh Muhammad bin Sālih Al-‘Uthaymīn: “We thank our brother, Shaykh Rabī’, for what his speech contains of it being obligatory to verify firstly, and then to dispute (with wisdom) with the person whose words, ideology or opinion were conveyed. If he then persists upon his falsehood, then his falsehood is clarified and exposed so that the people will not be deceived by him.

And this is what is obligatory. Firstly verifying, secondly disputing with the person whose words were conveyed, and then clarifying the truth if he persists upon his falsehood.

So these are three levels:

1) Verifying.
2) Disputing.
3) Clarifying and distinguishing the truth from the falsehood.

May Allāh grant everyone success to that which He loves and is pleased with, for verily He is Most-Generous and Bountiful.”

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Translated by: Yâsîn Abû Ibrâhîm