Advice Concerning Current Events in Egypt | Shaykh Sulaymān Ar-Ruhaylī

نصيحة لأهل مصر وما الواجب على طلبة العلم للشّيخ الدُّكتور سُليمان الرّحيليّ

Translated by: Yâsîn Abu Ibrâhîm

Questioner: He says, “May Allāh bless you. Would you be so good as to give an advice to the students of knowledge in particular and the Muslims in general regarding the current events in Egypt, and is the new government seen as an Islamic government?”

Answer: I ask Allāh – the Mighty and Majestic – by His Beautiful Names and Lofty Attributes to spare the blood of the Muslims and to remove the calamity.

And there is no doubt that every possessor of sound knowledge and right understanding is happy with every deed which spares the blood of the Muslims and removes this great evil. And there is no doubt that I say: that which is obligatory upon the people of Egypt is that they strive to prevent bloodshed and to withhold from the deeds that lead to killing and to the departing of the souls (i.e. death) from all parties. For verily, the affair of blood is a very serious one!

«لَا يَزَالُ الْمُؤْمِنُ مُعْنِقًا صَالِحًا، مَا لَمْ يُصِبْ دَمًا حَرَامًا، فَإِذَا أَصَابَ دَمًا حَرَامًا بَلَّح»

“The believer will remain unburdened in righteousness as long as he does not shed prohibited blood. When he sheds forbidden blood, he will become burdened.”

And that which is established with Ahlus-Sunnah wal-Jamā‘ah is that the ruler who took power by force, with the sword, if he took power by force and the affair is settled for him with the general people, then he becomes an Islamic ruler.

And this is why we say, O brothers: Ahlus-Sunnah wal-Jamā‘ah might say that something is Harām (forbidden, unlawful), but they mention the fruits that are a result [of staying away from this Harām issue]. Ahlus-Sunnah wal-Jamā‘ah do not allow to take power by force. They do not allow anyone to come and take power by force, and this is Harām! But when it happens and he gets authority, then the authority is established for this person who took power by force.

And we ask Allāh to grant the rulers of the Ummah – from our rulers and the honourable scholars who are enlightened with the Sunnah – we ask Allāh to give them success in employing the means which prevent bloodshed and remove the evil.

And the advice to the students of knowledge is, first of all, that a person should not get involved in that which is not meant for him. So that which is not meant for you, then do not involve yourself in it. And ask Allāh to give success to and guide the one who has been burdened with this affair.

And secondly: beware of oppression! Do not oppress anyone! For verily, the consequence of oppression is evil.

And thirdly: realize the good that you are in, and thank and praise Allāh for it. And cooperate with the (Muslim) rulers in your country and your scholars upon good. And preserve the good that is present in your country.

And if you are from the people of advising, then advise through the correct, sound and proper Legislated ways which actualize good and prevent evil.

Then, I advise the brothers to not spread the words that appear in the modern media which contain no good. Like now, we find that audios appear, on that which is called “Twitter”, by people who speak with false speech concerning these events. Some people spread these words with a good intention; his intent is to show its repulsiveness. But in reality he spreads it and then the shubuhāt (doubts) reach many people. Things like this, I do not view them [as permissible]. And I view that there is no problem that these words are looked at by someone from whom it is known that he understands, so that he knows the reality of the affairs. As for this being spread to the general people, and these words being spread, then this entails that these evil words are spread; so you find some people speaking ill of the rulers of the Emirates because of their stance or the rulers of Saudi Arabia because of their stance, with evil and false speech! So some people spread this generally, we say that this is not permissible because it results in the spreading of this falsehood and this corruption. As for sending it to the one who knows and understands, so that he knows the reality of the affair, then it seems to me – and Allāh knows best – that there is no problem in this.

And in fact you become amazed from people who claim wasatiyyah, i‘tidāl (moderation), etc. You find them now speaking with clear and straight takfīr or indirectly suggesting [that they are disbelievers] and despising the Muslims. And speaking honestly, you find those who claim to have knowledge despising the rulers of the Emirates, despising the people of the Emirates, despising the police of the Emirates or despising the rulers of Saudi Arabia. And his speech contains much of this, and there is no doubt that his speech is from falsehood and great evil, which exposes the different kinds of people and clarifies their realities. There are many who claim to be upon wasatiyyah and i‘tidāl (moderation) and [claim to be] accurate in their speech, and in these events it becomes apparent that he is the most daring of the people [to violate] the honour of the Muslims. Why? Because they opposed him in his desires, and not [judging] from a correct Islamic perspective.

In any case: we ask Allāh – the Mighty and Majestic – to remove this calamity, to grant the people of Egypt security and peace, to aid the intelligent ones to cooperate upon warding off the evils of this fitnah and to give success to our rulers to contribute in establishing the good and keeping away the evil. And Allāh knows best.

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