Advice for one who has been afflicted by wasāwis after wearing hijāb | Shaykh Abdul-Azīz bin Bāz

Advice for the one who has been afflicted by devilish insinuations after adhering to the legislative hijāb:

نصيحة لمن ابتليت بالوساوس بعد التزامها بالحجاب
Shaykh Abdul-Azīz bin Bāz
الشيخ عبد العزيز بن باز


[1.] What are some of the characteristics of the legislative hijaab? Sheikh Saalih al-Fawzaan mentions in “The legislative hijaab and the hijaab of hypocrisy”:
A- It should cover her whole body and not be tight fitting.
B- It shouldn’t be transparent where others can see her skin colour or her shape and the like.
C- It shouldn’t resemble the man’s garment.
D – It shouldn’t be decorated where it attracts the eyes of others.

[2.] ‘You must beware of him’ meaning his (Shaytaan’s) Fitnah, trickery, alluring nature.

[3.] ‘And may he beware’: this could entail a number of things from them: of the wrath of Allaah, Allaah destroying him instantly, the fire, it could mean numerous things. However him bewaring or what have you will not benefit him in the least because he is already destined for the fire.’ The mentioning of ‘And may he beware’ could also just be for emphasis from the Sheikh and nothing more.

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