Advice To The People Of Egypt | Shaykh Sālih ibn Sa’ad As-Suhaymī

“O brothers, the Muslim countries that are burning because of the Hizbīyyāt (partisanships) and the Ahzāb (parties); ask Allāh to save them (from this fitnah). And advise those from them whom you have a connection with – especially the students of knowledge – that they stay in their houses until the calamity disappears. It is upon them to stay in their houses! They should not go with so and so, nor with such and such Hizb (party).

This is the rightly-guided Caliph, ‘Uthmān ibn ‘Affān – may Allāh be pleased with him: the people of evil surrounded him from all sides and gathered to kill him. What did he (‘Uthmān) say to his Companions, those who stood up to defend him? What did he say to them? He said: “I ask you by Allāh. I ask everyone who has given a pledge to me, to enter his house and close his door.” Allāhu Akbar! Was there a greater fitnah than the killing of the Caliph at that moment? And yet he forbade them to participate (in this fitnah). To spare what? The blood of the Muslims! The Companions did not go shout in the streets: “Long live so and so and down with so and so.” I seek refuge with Allāh!

O brothers, this is a serious principle, by Allāh! Right now, the streets are ruined and the Muslim countries have become lost because of this illusion, because of the gathering in the streets and the uproar! Men and women! Old people, children and youth! Fear Allāh, the Mighty and Majestic!

I call the people of those countries, those to whom my voice reaches, even by way of some media. Send to them this call: I call the Muslims, and Ahlus-Sunnah in particular, that they stay in their houses until the calamity disappears. They should not go in the streets to demonstrate! Demonstrations are a Jewish principle! By Allāh, a Jewish, Masonic and Zionist principle! They are not from the religion of Allāh, the Mighty and Majestic! And whoever gives a fatwa saying that demonstrations are from the religion of Allāh, then he is an inventor of lies upon Allāh! And he is someone who speaks about Allāh with other than the truth! There are no demonstrations in Islām.

I have narrated to you the story: the Messenger of Allāh and Banū Hāshim were imprisoned in the Shib (mountain pass) of Abū Tālib during three years. Did the Companions go to demonstrate, to get the Messenger out of this place? They did not do this! He was driven out of Makkah! Intestines were thrown at him! He was harmed! They tried to kill him! Was he (the Messenger) not able to make the all of the Companions rise and kill Abū Jahl and those with him? He was able! But Allāh has Sunan (ways) in His creation, and it’s not correct to go beyond it.

Pay attention, O brothers! Don’t let the hate pass over to you, while you are in this good country! Praise and thank Allāh for this blessing! Worship your Lord and praise and thank Him for the safety and security that you are in.

I call my brothers in Egypt in particular, as I called them from the Masjid of the Prophet two days ago. I call them and remind them of Allāh, stay in your houses! Beware of this hostility! Leave these demonstrations, strikes, sit-ins and destruction of properties! The Jews will exploit you! The enemies of Islām will exploit you! Those who seek positions and leadership will exploit you! The enemies of Islām will exploit you from every place, from the East and the West!

So return to Allāh! Stay in your houses! Lock yourselves up in your houses until you are safe. I ask Allāh, the Most Generous, the Lord of the Mighty Throne, with His Beautiful Names and Lofty Attributes, that He grants me and you success to beneficial knowledge and righteous deeds, and that He protects me, you and the Muslim countries from the fitan (trials, tribulations), that which is apparent from it and that which is hidden, and that He makes me and you from those who are saved from the Hell-Fire in this blessed month, for only He is worthy of this, and He alone is able to bring this to pass. And the close of our request is: All the praises and thanks are to Allāh, the Lord of the ‘Ālamīn (mankind, jinn and all that exists). And may Allāh raise the rank of our Prophet Muhammad, his family and all of his Companions, grant them peace and bless them.”

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