Advice to the Young about the Evil of Terror Groups

Advice to the Muslims, the young especially, to help protect themselves from the evil of Terror groups, such as Al-Qaeda related orgs and Daesh (IS/ISIL/ISIS) and the rest.

Questioner: “Here is a question that is often repeated and previously it has been partially answered in your beneficial speech. It is as follows: Many of the youth have embraced what is called ISIS. Rather, some of them join it (ISIS) claiming to help Islām and raise the flag of jihād, believing that it is obligatory upon every Muslim to join this group and listen to and obey their leader. So we hope that you will give a small statement of advice for the youth.”

The Shaykh said: “This is as I have pointed to previously during the speech I gave. This nation – which calls itself a nation – is not a nation. ISIS, which is an abbreviation made of I for Islāmic, S for state, I for ‘Irāq, and S for Shām (Levant *and therefore also abbreviated in English as ISIL.) So this phrase “Islāmic State of ‘Irāq and Shām” is abbreviated to ISIS, or shortened to ISIS. This is called abbreviation. (And he gave another example of an abbreviated word in Arabic) (*translator note: abbreviations are not commonly used in Arabic) So this abbreviation was used on it and when it was abbreviated it was deviated to this or was shortened to this. ISIS: meaning Islāmic State of ‘Irāq and Shām, as they call themselves. These people are evil; from the worst, most evil of groups today. May Allāh give us well-being and safety. These people have merged the old vile ideology of the Khawārij and the ignorance of the ignorant and the modern people of desires. And they are in reality an organization that has brought together the most abnormal ideologies that have deviated away from Islām in every direction. And in reality they do NOT represent Islām. And they are the furthest people from Islām and the most ignorant people of Islām. How can they be (representing Islām) and they have no scholar with them? No scholar is with them from the scholars of Islām or the inheritors of the Prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم). And the proof for this is like what Ibn ‘Abbās (may Allāh – the Most High – be pleased with him) said when he approached the early Khawārij. When he said to them: “I have come to you from the Companions of the Messenger of Allāh (صلى الله عليه وسلم), and I do not see a single one of them amongst you.” So that shows their misguidance. Not even one of the Ṣaḥābah was with them, so this shows that their ideology is deviant. And similarly is this group referred to as ISIS, there is no scholar from the scholars of Islām with them. Not from the memorizers of ḥadīth or those who can explain the meaning of the Qur’ān, or from the jurists. Rather, they are a group of ignorant Khawārij who are an evil harm upon Islām and the Muslims. May Allāh give us well-being and protection. They have not benefitted anything. Rather they have harmed and maligned the reputation of Islām and disfigured its purity and beauty among the Muslims who are ignorant of Islām and also among the disbelievers who want any reason to cling on to so that they may disfigure Islām and its people. So this group is a māriq (*meaning they leave Islām) deviant group and what is obligatory upon everyone is to repel it. And whoever Allāh has blessed with knowledge then he must stand up against it and clarify what is (wrong) with it. Clarify the condition of this group. And perhaps Allāh will make it easy and we can speak again another time even though I am certain that others (from the scholars) have spoken as well. What is intended is that those who go to this group have been deceived. Perhaps those with whom he sits have deceived him, from the ignorant or people of desire; those who have no portion of knowledge inherited from the Messenger of Allāh (صلى الله عليه وسلم). May Allāh give us well-being and protection.”

Translated by: Abū Ibraheem Naveed Shakeer