Ask Allah to be Steadfast on Islam

The Importance and Necessity of asking Allah for Firmness and Steadfastness on the Religion of Islam. Feeling secure can be delusion.

Video lecture explains an Excerpt from AL-`AQEEDATUT-TAHAAWIYYAH: Point 150.
Translated by Dawud Burbank (rahimahullaah) along with explanations from Shaikh al-Albani and al-Fawzaan for following points:

149. And that is because Allaah- the Most High- is the Guardian of those who have awareness (ma’rifah) of Him, and He does not treat them in the two abodes like those who deny Him: those who fail to receive His Guidance, and do not attain His Guardianship.
150. O Allaah! O Guardian of Islaam and its people! Make us firm upon Islaam until we meet You with it.