Busying Yourself with Refutations from the Scholars Without Knowing the Basics | Shaykh Zayd ibn Muhammad ibn Hādī Al-Madkhalī

A questioner from the UAE asks:

What is your advice, O Shaykh, for someone who busies their self as a beginner with what exists between the scholars of refutations and statements while not even knowing the fiqh of purification or other that that?

The Answer by Ash-Shaykh Zayd ibn Muhammad Al-Madkhalī, hafidhahullāhu Ta’Alā:

My advice is that they gain understanding by learning the religion as regards their beliefs and the outer rituals of worship and as regards their behaviour and methodology (Manhaj) that they traverse upon. Included in that are the books of refutation by which the Salaf as-Sālih and their followers refuted the people of desires and innovations, and how abundant are they in every time and place! It isn’t permissible for anyone to use little understanding of purification and the prayer as a means to deprive the people from hearing the books of refutations and them being written, benefited from and read. But just as if is mandatory to gain understanding regarding ‘Aqīdah and the outer rituals of worship, it is mandatory for us to gain understanding by learning the methodology of action and the Sunnah in order to act by it and be acquainted with innovation which is its opposite in order to avoid it. So it isn’t permissible for anyone to say to the people abandon these refutations and leave off this or the other and stick to something else. He says this without knowledge because if he doesn’t know the evil, he’ll fall into it while the refutations clarify the way of good from the way of evil. So he listens to a tape, reads a book and listens to a scholar as regards all levels of the religion, ‘Aqīdah and Shari’ah, Sunnah and Manhaj. The people of innovations of the past from the era of the sahābah until this day of ours weren’t made known for us except by way of the books of refutation upon them. If the books of refutation didn’t exists throughout time and places the people wouldn’t know the people of innovations and wouldn’t be able to warn against an innovator. And the covenant of Allah and His trust is upon the people of refutations that they are not to say anything but the truth and are not to accuse anyone that they don’t have clear evidence and knowledge against from what they wrote or distributed, said in a tape of a book that they authored. This is the way of refutations and otherwise it is not allowed for anyone to refute by way of suspicions or accusation contrary to reality. Yes.

Translated by Umar Quinn (taken from https://twitter.com/AbooSuhailah)

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