Calling to Tawhīd Unites the Hearts | Shaykh Abdul-Azīz Āl us-Shaykh

Question: What do you say about the one who says, “We lose the people with the word Tawheed”?

Answer: This is incorrect. Tawheed (the Oneness of Allah) is that which unites the hearts, and makes the ranks of the Muslims one, and makes the Muslim nation, one nation.
We will not be one nation unless we are from those who worship Allah as One, making our worship sincerely for Him alone.

Allah the Exalted said, “their desire is that you should be flexible: so would they be flexible”. (Chapter 68 verse 9)

Meaning the pagans would love for you to abandon Tawheed (worshipping Allah as One) and for you not to proclaim your disassociation from polytheism; so they would flatter you and love you.

But on the contrary, Tawheed is necessary, and it must be proclaimed and made apparent; and the one who likes it can like and the one who hates it can hate it.

Translated by Rasheed Barbee

السؤال: ما قولكم؛ فيمن يقول: نحن ضيعنا الناس باسم التوحيد ؟
الجواب: هذا خطأ التوحيد هو الذي يجمع القلوب ويوحد الصف ويجعل الأمة أمة واحدة، لا نكون أمة واحدة إلا إذا كنا موحدين لله مخلصين لله أعمالنا، قال الله جل وعلا لنبيه: ( ودوا لو تدهنوا فيدهنون )، أي ود المشركون لو تتنازل عن التوحيد، ولا تعلن براءتك من الشرك؛ فيداهنوك
ويحبوك لا التوحيد لا بد منه، ومن إعلائه وإظهاره يرضى من يرضى، ويسخط من يسخط .