Clarification on what Shaykh Muhammad bin Sālih al-Uthaymīn meant by “salafi group” and salafiyyah

Shaykh Muhammad bin Sālih al-Uthaymīn clearly outlines what he means, by the “salafi group”, in this video.

From this video you will come to know:

1. The shaykh himself accepts salafiyyah, and uses the term salafi to describe those upon this methodology and does not censure this term.

2- That the “salafi group” he mentioned are those who are bigoted partisan claimants of salafiyyah who declare astray those who are already upon salafiyyah.

3-That the shaykh is upon the methdology of the salaf in refuting those who have fell astray due to their difference in ‘Aqeedah.

4.A confirmation of what we have said in his clarification that shaykh Rabee’ is upon the manhaj of salafiyyah in matters of “throwing aside what opposes this manhaj” and is not from those who he censured from being the “salafi group”.

5. A warning from the ayat of Allaah describing those who have a deviation in their heart who try to seek unclear statements to give them an interpretation that they desire.