Clarity in Manhaj & its Effects in Calling Others to Allāh | Shaykh Muhammad bin Ramzān Al-Hājirī & Shaykh Sālih ibn Sa’ad As-Suhaymī

This was a lecture delivered by the two noble and esteemed Shaykhs: Shaykh Muhammad bin Ramzān Al-Hājirī and Shaykh Sālih ibn Sa’ad As-Suhaymī – may Allaah preserve them both – on Tuesday, the 15th of Jumaadul-Oolaa 1432H, at Masjid Qubaa in al-Madeenah, the city of the Prophet.

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The translation was rendered by Abu Yaseer Shareef and then edited by Abu Suhayl Anwar Wright; the PDF can be downloaded from the following link:

Shaykh Muhammad bin Ramzān Al-Hājirī explains, with numerous examples from the Qur`aan, the authentic Sunnah and the narrations of the Salaf, how clarity in manhaj has aided the people in accepting the da’wah throughout the history of Islaam.  Shaykh Sālih ibn Sa’ad As-Suhaymī commends the discourse and provides examples of how people have plotted to pollute the clarity of manhaj.

وضوح المنهج و أثره في الدعوة
الشيخ محمد بن رمزان الهاجري
للشيخ صالح بن سعد السحيمي

Shaykh Ahmad an-Najmi -Rahimhullah Rahmatin Waseeyah- said about Shaykh Muhammad bin Ramzān Al-Hājirī:

“He is from the heads of Ahl AlSunnah.”

Similarly in the report of Naif Al-Mutairi – one of the Shaykh’s students- mentioned:

I narrate to you a conversation of one our brothers who telephoned Sheikh Ubaid Al-Jaabiree -may Allaah protect him- seeking a fatwa about an issue. And the Sheikh (Al-Jabiree) was busy, so he asked our brother, “Where are you from?” He said, “From Al-Jubail.” So the Shaykh (Al-Jabiree) said, “With you is Muhammad Ibn Ramzan, so call him and ask him.”

Additionally when Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Hadi Al-Madkhalee -may Allaah protect him- visited us in Al-Jubail, I was with the Sheikh in the same car traveling to Dammam in which he praised our Sheikh (Muhammad Ibn Ramzan) and his efforts of da’wah in the Province.