Forgiving & Pardoning the one who has oppressed you hoping for the reward from Allāh | Shaykh Abdul-Azīz Āl us-Shaykh

Question: Which is better and which will receive a greater reward, that the Muslim forgives and pardons the one who oppresses him hoping for the Reward from Allaah, or that he leaves the problem unresolved because he will take from his good deeds on the day of judgement?

Answer: No, the origin is to pardon. Allaah Ta ‘Ala says, “And verily whoever shows patience and forgives that will truly be the things recommended by Allaah.” (Qur’an: 42: 43) And as it comes in the narration, “There is no one who is oppressed and forgives his oppressor except that Allaah will increase him in might and strength.” So, you forgive him in this life Allaah will raise you in levels and degrees, and give you success. But, if you don’t forgive him then you have to go to the dispute on the day of judgement. And you could be compensated with something insignificant or small. But, to pardon in this worldly life while you have the ability to do otherwise this is a more beneficial action for you on the day that you meet Allaah Subhana wa Ta ‘Ala.

Translation source: Masjid Tawheed Wa Sunnah of Durham, North Carolina