If Allah loves a people, He puts them to trial

If Allah loves a people He puts them to trial

by Abu Talha Dawood

(32 mins) From the hadeeth of Sa’d. The Prophet was asked, “Which of the people receive the most severe trials?” So the Prophet replied, “The Prophets, and then those who are most like them, and then those who are most like them. And a man will have trials put upon him in accordance to his adherence to the Religion, so if his Religion contains firmness then his trials will be severe and if he religion contains weakness, then he will be given trials in accordance to the level of his Religion. And the trials continue to come upon the person until it leaves him walking upon the earth with no sin upon him.” [Reported by ad-Daarimi, Ibn Majah, Tirmidhi and he declared it authentic. And Shaikh al-Albani also declared this hadeeth authentic.]

Some of the companions of Abdullah ibn Masood said that if he ever said something that we disliked, then we would wait until he would explain it. And one day, Ibn Masood said, “Illnesses do not have reward written for them.” So his students said we disliked what we heard but we waited until Ibn Masood explained what he said. Ibn Masood explained it and said, “However, they wipe away sins.” [reported by Tabarani with two chains of narration]