Praying in the Masjid in Times of Fitan | Al-Allāmah Ubayd Al-Jābirī

Question: “May Allah reward you with good. The 24th question, the questioner from Libya says: The prayer during times of turmoil; the foundation of the prayer is that the prayer should be established in the house or in the masjid, or is there any conclusion drawn from the scholars due to looking at the texts in that matter? May Allah bless you.”

Al-‘Allâmah Ubayd al-Jâbirî (حفظه الله): “The matter according to what I understand from the Imaams and before that from the texts is that pertaining to this are details and it is that if he has the ability to pray in the masjid then he should pray in the masjid with the congregation. And if he is unable to pray in the masjid and the fear is certain, like if there are hunters present in the streets, or the random projection of bullets without discrimination, then he should pray at home.”

Translation: Abu Muhammad Abd Kareem Hagedorn
Revisions: Abu Sulaymaan Muhammad ‘Abd Azim Ibn Baker
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