Ruling on Eating from the Meat and Marrying the Secularists | Shaykh Muhammad Amān Al-Jāmī

Shaykh Muhammad Amān Al-Jāmī, may Allah have mercy upon him said:

“The slaughtered meat of the secularists is not permissible and a secular woman is not permissible for a Muslim to marry because they are apostates. The apostates and the fire worshippers and idolaters; there is no difference between them and the Hindus and Buddhists, from those who believe in man made religions and do not have any (type) of heavenly revealed religion. All of them are disbelievers and they (the secularists) are to be dealt with more harshly than the Jews and Christians. So we know that the secularists are apostates, disbelievers and we know the meaning of secularism is to disbelieve in every single religion and not being restricted to any religion, and they call it ‘Freedom’, in reality the freedom of beasts!”