Shaykh Abdullāh Al-Bukhārī on those who speak ill of Shaykh Ubayd bin Abdillāh Al-Jābirī

Approximate transcription of the English translation:

Question: What is your advice concerning the one who speaks ill of Shaykh Ubayd bin Abdullāh Al-Jābirī and speaks ill of others from among the scholars?

Answer: Indeed we have spoken earlier concerning the virtue of ilm (knowledge) and the ulamaa (scholars). And no doubt we mentioned that which is due to the scholars from huqooq (rights) as has been mentioned by the likes of Ibn al-Qayyim and other than him concerning the rights that are due to the scholars and affairs that revolve around that meaning.

Indeed Shaykh Ubayd is a man from the ulamaa of Ahlus-Sunnah. He is one of the ulamaa from Ahlus-Sunnah.

Like others from the ulamaa, he makes mistakes at times and he is correct at times. He is correct with issues and he may make mistakes with issues. But we do not believe though, that our shaykh, like other than him from amongst the mashaykh, intends upon making mistakes. Just as Imaam Maalik was erroneous in issues, and just as Imaam Ahmad was erroneous in issues, they may make mistakes in issues and they are correct in issues.

But to go past that — and to go further and to cause a mistake a shaykh may have made, or you believe he may have made, to make you to speak ill of the scholar and to degrade or and disrespect the shaykh, like how some people disrespect Shaykh Muhammad Amaan or Shaykh Rabee and others, then this is from the most false types of falsehood.

And the just the lowly nature of this speech suffices us to have to speak about it. Just narrating the statement (of falsehood) is a sufficient refutation of it.

It is likewise befitting and a must that we know that many of those who speak concerning our shaykh and the mashaykh, if you were to ask them regarding the issues related to tahaarah (purification) then they would be ignorant of that. And these same individuals before a number a days were individuals who used to phone the shaykh to ask him regarding some of these simple issues related to tahaarah. And now in this day we find them speaking ill of the same shaykh that they were asking just recently about issues related to tahaarah and seeking answers from the shaykh.

So let them fear Allaah, subhaanahu wa ta alaa, indeed Allaah, azza wa jal, does not love dhulm (oppression) or that one would practice dhulm. So let them fear Allaah, subhaanahu wa ta alaa.