Sitting With The People of Innovation & Desires | Shaykh Rabī’ bin Hādī Al-Madkhalī

Question: Some of our Salafī brothers sit with the people who follow their desires (i.e. people of innovation), (what is your advice to them)?

Answer: I will mention some examples for you. The likes of this happened to Ibn Aqīl, Al-Bayhaqī, Al-Harawī, and many others throughout Islāmic history. Many people throughout history were enticed by the knowledge they have, so they sat with the people of innovation and desires, leading them to being lost (i.e. deviation). In this are many lessons and admonitions. This occurred to people that once followed the way of the Salaf, but because they sat with the people of innovation, mixed with them, and read the books of the people of falsehood, they deviated and got lost. So my advice for these individuals is to benefit from their brothers, and before that to benefit from the great Manhaj which encourages you to be safe from all deviance and misguidance, and protected from all evil. By Allāh, nothing is equal to safety from misguidance and trials.