The Muslim Brotherhood Are from the Khawārij (DOGS OF THE HELL FIRE!) | Shaykh Muhammad Sa’īd Raslān

“The rights of the Muslims are very great! And the sanctity of the Muslim is greater than the sanctity of the Ka’bah in the sight of Allāh! The sanctity of the Muslim is greater than the sanctity of the Ka’bah in the sight of Allāh – the Majestic and Most High! So what do you expect? If you destroy the building of a Muslim, then that is a greater sin in the sight of Allāh than taking an axe and then mounting the Ka’bah to destroy it stone by stone. So the destruction of the Ka’bah is a lesser sin in the sight of Allāh than the killing of a Muslim! You kill a Muslim without right! And yet there are people who have made the killing of Muslims halāl (lawful, permissible). Randomly killing, without making any distinction!

And we used to debate with them in the past in the mid 70’s and around that, and the Takfīriyyūn used to say that it is permissible for one of them to blow up the vehicle that carries the people, the train that is boarded by the people and the place where the people are gathered. So we were surprised [at this statement] and we said: “Amongst the killed ones about whom you said that they are disbelievers, there might be someone who is like you, someone who is with you upon your false way and your corrupt belief!” So they said: “They will die upon that, and they will be resurrected upon their intentions.”

In every matter they have ta’wīl (manipulative distortion)! In every dilemma they have an explanation! They play with the nusūs (texts of the Qur’ān and the Sunnah), like the [unclear] in the markets. They play with the nusūs while they are not from the people of knowledge in the first place! Because the Khawārij don’t have any knowledge with them, nor understanding of the Book of Allāh, as the Messenger of Allāh ﷺ said: “They (i.e. the Khawārij) recite the Book of Allāh, but it does not go beyond their throats.” I.e. It does not go beyond their hanājir (throats), as is found in a narration from the Prophet ﷺ. So they (i.e. the Khawārij) recite the verses of Allāh, they recite the Book of Allāh while they don’t understand the meanings or ponder over the intent [of the verses], and these noble verses do not enter their hearts so that it may cause them to have a lesson from it. Because they don’t understand or comprehend! This is the condition of the Khawārij, as the Messenger of Allāh said.

And we know them with certainty! We have seen many of those Khawārij! And today they are widespread under various names: al-Qā’idah, al-Jamā’ah al-Islāmiyyah, al-Ikhwān al-Muslimūn. All of them are from the Khawārij, those about whom the Messenger of Allāh ﷺ said: “They are the DOGS of the Hell-Fire.”

And they (i.e. al-Ikhwān al-Muflisūn) made a mutual appointment to meet next Friday (30th August 2013) to destroy (Egypt): “The Friday of the destruction of Egypt”, “The Friday of the burning of Egypt.” What is the sin of that which is burned?! What is the sin of that which is destroyed? What is the problem?! And with whom? With whom is this problem? And who is the one that invented it? He will say to you: “To establish the Religion and implement the Islamic Sharī‘ah!” You ruled (Egypt) for one year, and what did you implement from the Sharī‘ah?! There were cabarets in the Al-Haram Street and other than it. You were not able to gain a permit except every two years, and in the rule of al-Ikhwān they made it every three years. Taxes were made obligatory on alcohol drinks, and the people didn’t know its names, then the list of names showed up so the people knew types of alcoholic drinks they didn’t know before that. In the book “At-Tarbiyyah al-Qawmiyyah”, [which is taught] in the second year of high school – and you can refer back to it at page 61, 62 or 64 – you will find the speech like this, in a book that was written in that year (in which the Ikhwān ruled Egypt) while the departement of Education and Teaching was aware of this. What did he write? He wrote: “Whoever changes his religion, then respect him.” The Messenger says: “Whoever changes his religion, then kill him.” [This Punishment is to be carried out by the Islamic Government]. And they wrote in the rule of al-Ikhwān: “Whoever changes his religion, then respect him.” And under it… Refer back to it in the book “at-Tarbiyyah al-Qawmiyyah” in the second year of high school, refer back to it at page 61, 62 or 64. And other than that from the nusūs (texts) of the Torah and the Injeel, they scattered it in that book. And he wrote under his statement “Whoever changes his religion, then respect him”: “Because every person has the right to choose the religion he wants.” Mā ‘shā Allāh! This is DISBELIEF! Is this the Religion?!

The Legislative Punishments (Hudūd), as the Ikhwānī president (Mursī) said  during the period he was preparing the issues of leadership and before the elections… He (Mursī) said: “The Legislative Punishments (Hudūd) do not exist in the Islamic Sharī‘ah.” “This is a dynamic process” (he says). Whoever rejects the Legislative Punishments (Hudūd) is a disbeliever! What is this?! What kind of playing with the minds is this? You play with the Religion?! You trade with the emotions of the ordinary poor people?!

What do they want to do on Friday? They said: “We will destroy Egypt, we will burn Egypt!” They will go out after Fajr prayer, here and there, throughout Egypt, and they want to commit acts of fujūr (wickedness)! They want to separate themselves with their own area: “The Supreme Republic of Egypt.” “The project of separation.” And this matter is known! And the application forms are there and were being spread in broad daylight, in order to separate an area from Egypt! Yes: Menes (an ancient Egyptian pharaoh) is the one that united the two parts of Egypt, and Muhammad Mursī is the one that separates the two parts.”

Translated by Yâsîn Abu Ibrâhîm

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[Warning Against al-Ikhwān and the Friday of burning down Egypt on 30/08]

التحذير من الإخوان وجمعة حرق مصر يوم (30/8) 2013 للعلامة رسلان