Whoever does not take a stance on the Speech of Allāh is an Innovator | Shaykh Rabī’ bin Hādī Al-Madkhalī

Ahl Sunnah wal-Jamā’ah hold that the Qur’ān is the Speech of Allāh and it is not created. The following question directed to Shaykh Rabī’ asks about the position to those people who do not take a stance on this important matter of ‘Aqīdah (Creed).

Question: Is it to be understood from the statements of Al-Imām Ahmad pertaining to the innovation of the one who does not take a position about the Qur’ān i.e. the Speech of Allāh, that in times of fitnah, no one’s statement are accepted if they are general, until he clarifies his statements and position?

Answer: By Allāh, this stance is not general or unclear speech, rather this is clearly an innovation, why is he not taking a stance? Is this statement (pertaining to the Qur’ān being created) clear or apparent doubt?

Questioner: But the question was: Ahmad declared these people to be innovators; do we declare the likes of these people to also be innovators?

Shaykh Rabī’: Yes, we declare the likes of these people to be innovators in the religion, if a person refuses to take a stance, and says, “I do not know if the Qur’ān is created or uncreated”, this person is an innovator. (However, the ignorant person is not declared to be an innovator, until he is taught and then refuses the truth.) Nowadays, these people (i.e. who mention the people of innovation with praise), are diluting (watering down) the da’wah. A person can have countless major deviance and innovation, and the people still refer to him as “imām” or “Mujaddid” (one who has renewed affairs of the religion). There are no people more dangerous to Al-Islām than these type, who dilute and water down Al-Islām, the way of the pious predecessors. But if someone from the people of the Sunnah slips (and makes a slight mistake), they do not have any mercy on them. However, when the people of innovation fall into major destructive innovation there is no harm! This is from the great trials that have inflicted the youth of this Ummah during these times. This deception and trickery places forth a methodology by which to protect the people of innovation and their books. For example, the Manhaj of Al-Muwāzanāt (where an innovator’s so-called qualities are mentioned along with this deviance), this dangerous methodology is destructive to Al-Islām, its core and its branches. Furthermore, it is eventually leading to Al-Irjā (the belief that actions are not from Faith and that faith is not harmed by disobedience), placing forth principles by which to protect innovation and its people, while attacking the people of the Sunnah with falsehood.